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Words of Spiritual benefit.
+ In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit One God .Amen

These words are meant to be brief and concentrated to suit those who do not have time to read long essays.

Each word offers you a special spiritual meaning that you can read on its own independently....... They are spiritual contemplations that you can read and benefit from them.

Also we discuss questions on spiritual , biblical and theological topics. These posts are not to add to your knowledge but to add to your life...................

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Topic(s): Bible Study

Jerome20 63M

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Topics in Words of Spiritual benefit.
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Does this mean that they won't go to heaven ?!!!!!!!!Stephen881  0  4/19/2010
Do you have that faith " Faith working through love "?Stephen881  0  4/18/2010
Can you pass this test ?!!!!Stephen889  0  4/18/2010
Who is the oldest man in the history of mankind ?!!Stephen886  0  4/17/2010
The holy kiss & Fasting .sicowin422  0  12/11/2009
Charity .sicowin46  0  12/11/2009
The Dogma.sicowin44  0  12/8/2009
The Commandments.sicowin42  0  12/8/2009
Ministry.sicowin43  0  12/8/2009
Easy and difficult !sicowin47  0  12/1/2009
It happens in accordance with His will.sicowin40  0  12/1/2009
Our human weapons are not fit !sicowin46  0  11/29/2009
How painful is this sin !sicowin43  0  11/29/2009
We could never be separated from the Cross .sicowin45  0  11/29/2009
How to overcome the diabolic wars ?sicowin41  0  11/29/2009
Contrition !sicowin44  0  11/29/2009
We have limited sight !sicowin42  0  11/29/2009
We have limited sight !sicowin42  0  11/29/2009
If the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness !!!sicowin45  0  11/29/2009
Who are angels ?sicowin43  0  11/29/2009
What is the theological meaning of the words...?sicowin42  0  11/29/2009
Who is greater !sicowin42  0  11/29/2009
Are all equal ?sicowin41  0  11/29/2009
He alone is Holy.sicowin41  0  11/29/2009
Working with the Lord .sicowin40  0  11/29/2009
If you weaken one day !sicowin43  0  11/29/2009
Do not rely on human arm.sicowin42  0  11/29/2009
Love that never fails .sicowin40  0  11/29/2009
Let us give thanks .sicowin41  0  11/29/2009
Your eternity !sicowin42  0  11/29/2009[View All]

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