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Apologetics Discussion Group
Apologetics is the field of study concerned with the systematic defense of a position. Definition: Apologetics -from the Greek "apologia," a legal term meaning "defense" -it is the branch of Christian theology concerned with the intelligent presentation and defense of the historical Christian faith.Defending Christianity, discuss general Christian doctrine,analysis, logic, reason, faith,remove intellectual impediments to Christian faith,ministering to Skeptics,cults,other religions.Using the theist reasoning to rightly divide the word of truth!

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Welcome to this Apologetics Discussion Group!Sweethoney2007297  3  9/14/2007
Those He Calls He also PredestinatesSweethoney200775  2  9/13/2007
Backing up a bitGodschildtoo3  0  3/19/2008
Could this be the mark????Godschildtoo28  0  3/18/2008
Arminianism refutedSweethoney200710  0  1/13/2008
Moving Day!Godschildtoo20  0  1/10/2008
Merry Christmas!Godschildtoo21  1  1/9/2008
A Departure from SOUND DOCTRINESweethoney200780  4  12/19/2007
ARE YOU A CHOSEN VESSEL?Sweethoney200710  0  12/14/2007
The Humanism of Arminianism....A Good ArticleSweethoney20076  0  12/14/2007
Urgent Prayer requestGodschildtoo136  9  12/6/2007
What is Love? Gods truth vrs the phony love doctrineSweethoney200736  1  12/4/2007
What Is A "Help Mate"?siciliangirl17  1  12/2/2007
What are the requirements of a person needing deliverance?Limnyuy22  1  11/29/2007
ANYONE INTERESTED IN EVANGELISMSweethoney200743  3  11/22/2007
DISTRACTIONSsiciliangirl25  2  10/26/2007
What do you need to succeed in your life?Limnyuy30  0  10/24/2007
What is Fellowship?siciliangirl17  1  10/19/2007
Is Water Baptism Necessary for salvation?Godschildtoo126  1  10/18/2007
True and False UnitySweethoney200732  1  10/18/2007
=== QUESTIONS ===TIRZAH4SOS20  2  10/6/2007
Are you still the disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ?Limnyuy12  0  10/5/2007
Did Jesus and the apostles quote from the Septuagint ?Sweethoney20079  0  9/26/2007
The Apostate ChurchSweethoney200758  4  9/23/2007
Just For Fun....Heard Any Good Clean Jokes LatelySweethoney2007108  4  9/20/2007
Psalm 34Godschildtoo7  0  9/16/2007
The New Age Agenda (One World Religion)Sweethoney200720  0  9/7/2007
HOPEsiciliangirl17  1  9/1/2007
THE ATTACK ON THE BIBLESweethoney200777  2  9/1/2007[View All]

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