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Was Abraham Lincoln as great as he is said to have been?     24 views


9/5/2015 1:42 pm
Was Abraham Lincoln as great as he is said to have been?

My view is that Abraham Lincoln was NOT this great president that he is said by many in the USA to have been. I know that this is contrary from what is usually taught in the schools in the USA, but I seek that which is true; instead of what is traditional or conventional.

The reason I say this is because he is the one who was responsible for starting the Civil War, and that war caused some 700,000 people to lose their lives.
Lincoln used "a house that is divided cannot stand" as his motive for insisting that the 10 states that seceded from the Union, (soon after he was innaugerated,) be brought back in BY FORCE. Slavery, as bad a practice as it had degenerated into, was practiced by other nations during that time, was the primary reason touted as the cause of the 10 states dropping out of the Union. There was another very big factor, that is not talked about, is that a tariff on goods coming into the USA, that were primarily used by the states of the South, had been tripled. Most of the money raised from this elevated tariff was going to the Northern states.

Now a very important aspect that needs to be considered here is that those 10 states who seceded from the Union in 1861 HAD EVERY LEGAL RIGHT TO DO SO. This means that those 10 states possessed individual sovereignty independent of the Union, and anything within their boundaries was under their jurisdiction.

Now the Civil War began at Fort Sumter in South Carolina AFTER South Carolina had seceded, and Lincoln refused to recognize the legal sovereignty of that state, so he did not withdraw Union troops from that fort AS HE SHOULD HAVE.

South Carolina was now a part of the Confederate States of America, and there were 'foreign' troops occupying a fort within their jurisdiction. So they had every right to eradicate those foreign troops, so they attacked it militarily.

Lincoln used this as an EXCUSE to go to war with the confederate states.

It is interesting to note that the "Emancipation Proclaimation" did NOT free the slaves in non-Confederate states. Lincoln's reason for freeing the slaves in the 10 rebel states was so he could weaken them economically and win the war more easily. Lincoln had made the statement that if he could have brought back the 10 confederated states without freeing the slaves, he would have done so; freeing the slaves was NOT Lincoln's primary aim.

So by Lincoln acting OUTSIDE of his authority in causing the war in the first place, the blood of some 700,000 souls is on HIS hands. The USA is the ONLY country that fought a civil war where slavery was an issue. Every other country that ended slavery did so through political debate and negotiations over time.

This is why I feel that Lincoln was NOT a great, or even a 'good', president.


9/17/2016 1:23 pm

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During the last week, I was in the company of a highly educated man who gave me some further historical information about Lincoln. Even though I already held a dim view of Lincoln, I was shocked to find out that he was actually part of the Communist community in the USA. The Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag is actually UNconstitutional because it contains the phrase "one nation, under God, indivisible.......". The word :indivisible is the problem because the Founding Fathers, who drafted and were instrumental in the passage of the Constituion of the USA, were of the view that individual states COULD secede from the Federal Union. It was the Communists who insisted on getting rid of state sovereignty and Lincoln stepped OUTSIDE of his constitutional authority in making war with the 10 states that seceded from the Union in 1861.---I was under the impression that about 700,000 people died in the Civil War of the USA; about 650,000 soldiers and about 50,000 civilians. The actual truth is that about 700,000 soldiers died, and 800,000 civilians were killed.
That brings the total number of people that Lincoln needlessly caused to die was is actually 1.5 MILLION.


9/17/2016 1:51 pm

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Another interesting fact is that Lincoln suspended Habeous Corpus (an important right guaranteed under the US Constitution) and actually set up concentration camps for civilians who had lived in the 10 Rebel states.

He was NOT the good guy he is touted to have been.

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