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Psalm 119:165 "Those who love your law have great peace"Advanced Bible Study7  1  12/1/2018
What Are The Factors Involved In A Person's IQAdvanced Bible Study15  3  9/15/2018
Did Jesus Actually Rise On Sunday (the First Day of the Week)?Advanced Bible Study84  15  7/30/2018
What Does "Separation of Church and State" Actually Mean?Advanced Bible Study19  2  7/14/2018
Was Dr. Walter Martin the Last Word on Any Given Christian Topic?Advanced Bible Study23  6  4/5/2018
Ken Copeland says "The Protest is Over". Is it really?Advanced Bible Study10  2  3/17/2018
Oh wow, the prophet Samuel was born to a polygamist father.Advanced Bible Study29  6  3/17/2018
The Struggle Between the Flesh and the SpiritAdvanced Bible Study27  2  2/22/2018
Where Is The Moderator of This Group Anyway?Bible Study64  11  2/22/2018
Serious woman onlyAdult christain social club5  0  2/3/2018
If interested in a serious relationship kindly text meAdult christain social club8  0  2/3/2018
OMG, The First Slave OWNER in the USA was a Black ManAdvanced Bible Study81  13  11/14/2017
Is The 9th Commandment Outdated?Advanced Bible Study36  7  11/12/2017
I Refuse to be Labeled a "legalist". Here's Why.Advanced Bible Study13  1  10/21/2017
Is "Climate Change" a fact or is it fiction?Advanced Bible Study26  2  9/16/2017
need a well built christainSingle Mothers17  0  8/19/2017
The Theory of Evolution is a Threat to a Stable SocietyAdvanced Bible Study99  16  7/8/2017
Two of the Most Overlooked Verses of the BibleAdvanced Bible Study81  9  3/8/2017
How Serious Is the Problem of a Rebellious SpiritAdvanced Bible Study12  1  3/7/2017
Are Looks, Personality, and having a good Style proper reasons for voting for a candidate?Advanced Bible Study15  4  10/12/2016
Was Abraham Lincoln as great as he is said to have been?Advanced Bible Study24  2  9/17/2016
The Great Misunderstanding: Salvation vs. DiscipleshipAdvanced Bible Study37  4  8/25/2016
A Huge Political ParadoxAdvanced Bible Study13  1  4/23/2016
What is the stand of Christ when it comes to marriage. in line with Matt chapter 19 1-13Ask A Bible Question18  0  4/16/2016
Political Mudslinging and The 9th CommandmentAdvanced Bible Study27  3  3/12/2016[View All]
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