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My Blog

Welcome to my blog!

How about courage
Posted:Mar 12, 2022 7:57 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2023 2:2 am
We can get in situations that are not nice
Sometimes because of the actions of others
The terrible choices of others
Can put us in a very bad spot
We find ourselves all alone
Lonely when we should be loved
Disappointed when we should be inspired
Choosing the wrong person to love
Wrong person ? Oh really !
You are not married but you are always fighting
You can not seem to be getting along
You can not seem to agree on anything important
There is no laughter and joy
There is no peace of mind
Verbal or physical abuse
You are with the wrong one
We do not try to love a person and try to change them
We love a person who we can enjoy and share common interest
We love a person who is easy to talk too
We love a person who we feel it’s ok to talk about anything
We are responsible for the choices we make
It takes courage to get out of bad relationships
It takes courage to build strength in weakness
It takes courage to say goodbye
It takes courage to walk away
It takes courage to get what you deserve
Don’t let emotional attachment and the idea of love
Cheat you from being and experiencing the awesomeness of love
True love has no fear
A peace of mind is more richer than 💰 luxury with no peace
Be strong and of good courage
Today is the day to choose wisely
Love yourself before you can love anyone else
And love your neighbor as you love yourself
Don’t be a victim be a lover
It takes strength to build good courage
Fear guarantees failure in a terrible situation
Courage is the beginning of success in a terrible and hopeless situation
Be strong and of good courage !
Love starts with US
Posted:Jan 9, 2022 6:04 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 6:17 am
After 30 years old finding a lover can become a little different
Some people Experience love after 30 to be more challenging
More difficult to find compatibility
It is just not that easy anymore someone said
What will you say about finding love after 30 ?
Is it that love is actually hard to find or you are hard to get along with ?
Many people at 30 have been married and divorced or separated
Have or have never had but had a few relationships
Have a professional job and belong to a social club
Have a group of people who dictates who or how they should love
Some people are more worried about the financial status of their lover
What kind of job does he or she does as if love cares about a job
After 30 many people will love you for what you can bring to the table
Everyone have a different experience and a different approach to life
Our experiences in life can change many things about us
What we do ! How we feel. ! Who we love ! And we we allow to choose our love
Some of our choices will bring happiness and some will bring regret
Sometimes we get nothing because we allow others to have the final say
Such is life and some of us will never change
We will die alone and old in a great nice big and well taken cared of home
Some of us will have only our money and beautiful care and a few friends
Some of us will not have much but a happy family
Some of us will have a big family who knows the importance of love
Some of us will die poor and alone
Some of us will go live our dream traveling the world
Some of us will be in a nursing home and happy to see our grandchildren
Some of us will be in the same nursing home and no one to come see us
Some of us will cry every night because we allow our rules to run our love
Some of us will realize what is really important in life and so exactly that
All of us will realize that no matter our choices
No matter who we choose to love ❤️
No matter who we allow to choose who is or is not acceptable
No matter if we allow our family and friends to accept our lover or not
Our choices ! Our lover ! Our destiny ! Our happiness ! Our future !
It has and has always been in our hands and it is only our choice to make
Rich or poor , black or white , Asian or Latino , Muslim or Christian
Love do not discriminate to culture ,religion , financial status,or job description
When love touches two people hearts ♥️
They may disagree but this is great to a brand new start with comprise
Understanding is a hell of a thing but true love will fight to bring understanding
No pride , more humility, more laughter
Give love a new start ! Leave the old advice from friend behind
We came in to this world alone
We will leave this world alone
We are just visitors and our time is limited
Time is given without any guarantee
It is our responsibility to love without guarantees
When you have it ! Then you have it
When you don’t then you just don’t
Love can find you exactly where you
Mostly unexpectedly sometimes you can see it coming
What you do next when love knocks on your door
You can say “ Come in love I am ready ! “
Or you can shut the door or allow others to shut the door for you
It will affect you no matter what
It will affect us regardless of who or where we are
Because love did not start with your friends
Love did not start with your social group
Love did not start with your poor lifestyle
Love did not start with your fancy car and beautiful apartment
Love did not start with our lovely accomplishments
Someone said but why does it hurt so much
Someone reply he is a looser ! She is a looser! Just forget about that one !
Someone reply but you don’t know how I feel ,it hurts so much
Exactly exactly ! Exactly ! Your Love affects only you not your friends or family
They will never experience how it feels
Because love starts with us !
Love amazingly ! not out of others decisions but make yours
What is your role in a relationship ?
Posted:Dec 16, 2021 9:17 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 3:53 pm
Relationships are very many and can be amazing
We have different relationships in our life
Work relationships with co workers and our bosses
Relationships with our family ,siblings ,mom ,dad ,step dad,step mom
We all know what is expected of us in a relationship
At work we get success by team work
Working together as a team
We are required to respect our co workers and our bosses
Regardless of our relationship we can all agree
Respect is certainly required to get along in harmony !
We should all have respect in a romantic relationships
We meet people online or at the supermarket
Love can find us anywhere
Nothing is as important as attitude
The way we choose to react to situations that present itself in our relationships
Attitude can make or breaks a relationship
The choice of words ,tone of voice and level of kindness means allot
Sometimes it is not what we said but is how and where we choose to do so.
In a romantic relationship it is important to have compatible attitudes
Rather than screaming to the top of his or her voice to express a matter
A softer tone with less hostility and a tip of kindness can calm a situation
The message intended can be more effectively delivered and received
Most people react much better when the sender of that message is kind
We all have a responsibility to show kindness to each other
Jesus is a perfect example to us about relationships
He is without sin but he is quick to forgive us from our sins
We do terrible things and deserve judgment of punishment
In return he choose to show us love and encourage us to do better
Yes I agree we are not perfect
Our role in a successful relationship is be kind to each other and forgive quickly
We are not going to love a person who is without sin
Or a person who is capable to always do everything rite
But we should take time to understand this person we want to love
We should time for communication in person face to face
Give yourself time for in person interaction
Do not rush in for an idea of love and compatibility
Take time to be you and allow them to be them
Be honest about your desires and let them know how you feel
Do not try to change anyone
It is not your responsibility to go around trying to change a person
Love them as they are both the good and the bad
You can run away from one person and run into a much terrible individual
Being single do not have to be a bad experience
Happiness is our responsibility to ourselves
It usually starts with an attitude of gratitude for the little things
We are not responsible for anyone happiness
They are responsible for their own happiness
But we can find a person who can compliment the happiness we have inside
Let’s ,love ,live and maintain a happy and peaceful life
With or without the attention of a friend or lover
The things we do for love ❤️
Posted:Dec 15, 2021 3:54 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 3:57 pm
Hi everyone what are the things you will do for love ? What is it about love that captivate us ? The questions I ask myself is : John boy what are you willing to do for love ? Why exactly do you want love ? And how desperate or motivated are you to find that love ? I really enjoy sharing laughter and I love being happy ! So if you are a person like then you will understand that it really doesn’t take much to make us smile ,even in the bad times we manage to share a smile because it is just who we are ! Now laughter is my favorite I just love and enjoy sharing laughter it actually makes me feel good ! Taking into consideration my life as it is now and how happiness is a great big part of it I have put much thought into answering these questions .
One person sang a song that says for your love I will do anything just to see the smile upon your face ! I want to do anything in my ability to please the woman that wants to love me ! There are so many things I want in love , I enjoy traveling and I love peacefulness and above all I want us to have a good understanding, romance , teamwork, friendship, , be happy doing nothing, if we were to lost everything and only have each other we already know we have everything! I am not sure I am desperate for love ! I am happy in my life ! But I can shake the desires for romance , a woman who I can share laughter , a good conversation with ! Someone to cuddle with , someone who wants to start and create a family ! A person who is beautiful inside and outside ! A person who believes in the power of prayer ! A woman who is not worried about what others have to say but focus on her man ! I do like an attractive woman! I am fascinated with a woman’s breast and the shape of my woman it really will add to the excitement! I am in good physical shape and I prefer a woman who takes pride and time to take care of her body and appearance ! I love yo take showers and smell good especially before going to bed ! Life do not have to be expensive to be good but the little things is what really matters ! I want a woman who smells good! I go to New Your once every year to buy my colognes by the dozen and the case just so I can never run out ! I just love smelling good ! Finally I am not desperate for love because I feel love can find us when and where we least expect it and all our and efforts can never bring us love ! I believe love chooses us and when we are chosen by love and our hearts are connected our differences will subjected to our goal which is to do whatever it takes as a team to make it happen not only I , ,you but us ,we will get it done successfully only together !
My opinion of love
Posted:Dec 15, 2021 3:03 am
Last Updated:May 2, 2022 2:47 am
Love is amazing,
Love is awesome
Love is joyful
Love do not envy
Love has team work
Love know no age
Love brings understanding
Love motivate peace
Love tries to find a way to resolve a matter
Love makes differences to matter less
Love is kind
Love makes room for compromise
Love finds time to forgive as quickly as possible
Love can be romantic
Love can connect two hearts from any distance
Love do not need third parties
Love do not accept family or friends interfering
Love works out all situations together
Love cause no harm
Love want us both to be happy and I want love ❤️
Love by me to you
Posted:Dec 7, 2021 6:35 am
Last Updated:May 2, 2022 2:47 am
If love was a rose 🌹
Sparkling in the dew
I will pick it my darling and send it to you
But love is so precious and hard to depart
What is important is love from the heart ❤️
Roses are red and violets blue
There is not enough to express how deep I love you
I never knew I can feel this way
I just keep thinking about you every day
Since the day you came my way
I am sometimes lost with words to say
But I feel my actions will display
The passion ! The consideration! The desires
The feeling like my heart is burning on fire 🔥
Sometimes my knees are so weak
I can hardy feel my feet much less to speak
You captivate my tender heart
I pray to God our love will never depart
Since the day we meet each other
I knew we belong together
As a ship in the sea
Honey I need you next to me
I pray for you to be
My lover ! My best friend and may we create a beautiful family !
Love is amazing !
Posted:Dec 5, 2021 3:55 pm
Last Updated:Dec 15, 2021 10:25 pm
One of the most amazing feeling in the world anyone can experience is love ! The feeling that can link two hearts from near and far ! From the highest mountain even the lowest valley without internet connection and without any addition but pure power and superior connection ! No one should ever give up their peace of mind ! Happiness ! Joy ! and pleasures in life fall in love ! More or less love should always compliment and enhance the love we already in our hearts and soul and enrich the very essence of the love we already possess ! Love do not make another person happy but rather compliment the happiness another person already in his or her heart ! As we already know happiness is the evidence of a grateful heart ❤️ No one is responsible for our happiness! Each individual is responsible for their own happiness! We are all motivated by different reasons , conditions , social and economic status of ,how and why we choose love another person ! Most importantly we are responsible for the person we choose allow in our lives be our lover ! The person we choose love can compliment our life or cause much pain and suffering! Finding mutual respect and understanding is as the most important foundation and weight bearing pillars in a strong and healthy relationship ! Finally the one that destroys or builds a relationship is the one attitude ! Attitude is by far the most important thing is a relationship of all levels because attitude can make or break a relationship ! The way we choose respond the situations, the interactions , the actions , the conversations the conclusions that we share together ! Without forgiveness you can just stay by yourself !

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