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Joeymarful 44F
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8/29/2017 8:09 am

St. Matthew: 11:28 - 29; 14:22-33;
Come is an invitation from Jesus to the sin sick weary soul.
 Get up from the place of doubt and crippleness and come in your faith.
 Every soul will have to bear anguish and pain in the administration of its duties. Jesus knowing this offers solace to the burden soul.
 It can find rest in him and continue the journey.
 We have to exercise great effort and toil along the journey
 Our yoke is a burden.
 Our toil can easily sap our human energy.
 When you have surrendered your entire will to God, no amount of energy boosting substance can fuel us for the journey.
 We must bring it to Jesus so that he can release his strength in the toil. (his yoke is easy and his burden is light).
 When we have to labour hard and encounter emotional disturbances, hurts, rejections and hatred it takes the supernatural grace of God to cope.
 To come to Chris is simply to put our trust and confidence in him.

St. Matthew 14:28
 Peter had a desire to do what Jesus was doing so he asked Him to show him.
 If it is you bid me to come -
 Jesus saw Peter's faith and said come -
 The faith that we step out with must grow to walk on the storm.
 Our initial faith must be able to
 If we have faith there must be consistent growth.
 Many times in the safety of the boat we have desires to do great exploits. God works upon the good desires of our heart.
 However a desire is not manifestation of faith. A desire is a good intention and longing.
 This desire is only legitimate when it is acted upon.
 Peter's life was endangered not by the boisterous storm but by his little faith
 We give more credence to the danger that we are exposed than we give to the power of Jesus Christ to lift us up.
 It is easy to talk faith and not mean it. We can be misled by mere talk. However, greatness is manifested when your faith is put into action.

 Peter's impetuous nature was vindicated and authenticated before the disciples. Your uniqueness can become an irritant to those who do not understand your purpose. Jesus oftentimes validate us in a storm when we are willing to come to him so that those around can be silenced into believing the God in you.
 When Jesus says come to Peter, he was sanctioning Peter's request.
 When you fail to trust God it shuts the door to God's power over your life.
 Our faith in God is our proverbial hand that grasps the proverbial hand of God which is his Grace manifested in his power and strength.
 Why did the Lord rebuke Peter? It was for trusting too little and to open his eyes to the enormous faith that he possessed to get much.

AmericanBliss 65F  
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8/29/2017 10:01 am

Interesting. And timely.

Joeymarful replies on 9/17/2017 2:04 pm:
Thank you.

I trust that you were blessed.