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RockyG666 58M
1502 posts
2/1/2018 1:34 pm

Last Read:
1/4/2019 12:22 pm

is phoenix america's best?

i got a reply on an OLD post from phoenix?, i have no clue who that is, unless it is the snark America(something)? i wood rather be inactive than deal with the snark

_HopeInJesus2 66F
6 posts
2/2/2018 3:41 pm

Hey Rocky....Phoenix is Freewayryder.......We're back !!

phoenix2016 60F
6 posts
2/2/2018 3:48 pm

IM BACKKKK<<<<<<<<<<< the ryder is BACK<< as Phoenix2012

RockyG666 58M
1039 posts
2/4/2018 1:57 pm

hi hope

freeway? I KNEW it sounded familiar, sorry I mistook you for the snark

MaryMag290 61F
1 post
2/7/2018 3:39 pm

Hay Rocky there you are

RockyG666 58M
1039 posts
2/7/2018 6:34 pm

hi mary, I remember you