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Urban_Hermit 64M
169 posts
1/17/2018 7:42 pm
Devil for dinner?

A pastor friend of mine told me this story about an Aboriginal friend of his who became a pastor. After a few years of having his own church he came back to my friend's church to preach.

Introducing his sermon he announced that if Adam and Eve had been Aboriginal we'd have no problem with sin today. The congregation was puzzled, was this becoming racial? They were a little nervous and wondered where this was going and then he said, "They wouldn't have worried about the apple, they'd have eaten the snake."

Gotta love the way he broke the ice.

Judgement Day will be interesting.

Urban_Hermit 64M
289 posts
1/18/2018 3:13 am


Judgement Day will be interesting.

may7749 37F
229 posts
1/18/2018 4:09 am

haha…it is very mighty

may7749 37F
229 posts
1/18/2018 8:59 pm


Urban_Hermit 64M
289 posts
1/19/2018 5:30 am

    Quoting may7749:
Now I dont know what you said as I dont know Chinese, but thanks for the comment.

Judgement Day will be interesting.

lwang199 49F
14 posts
1/19/2018 8:41 pm

Understand. It is saying that the Aboriginal people like to eat snakes.

Sojourner06 55M
1734 posts
1/20/2018 4:43 am


"If they ate the snake, then the temptation to them may be an apple, temptation everywhere, huh, huh"



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_HopeInJesus2 66F
6 posts
1/29/2018 12:03 pm


HumbleMumbler 28M
50 posts
9/14/2018 10:31 am

LOLOL snakes ain't just reptiles they be people too we gotta bind satan on BC 'cause there's a couple of trolls in the blogs who be haters LOL,, thanks be to God b'cause He is good, now you unhappy peeps go get a life in Jesus praise Him, you'll never get a human partner by hatin' anyways b'cause who wants a sourpuss LOL, you'd best settle for the LORD God, He just might forgive you for being mean and thinking everyone's out to betray you